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Nearly 20% of al buildings in Arnhem is currently not in use. To give this fact some attention Tjerk Woudsma and Cas de Rooij and I developed an interactive application that was projected on a scale model of the city. The application showed how the shopping centre of Arnhem changed over the last 10 years and highlighted the empty buildings in this timeline.
The user was also able to exchange shops and offices so empty buildings could be clustered together and given new purpose.

Connecting Cuts

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On a subjective timescale not every six-second video is equally long. On my timescale a video with a lot of cuts takes longer than a single-shot clip.
In this application the user explores the connections between scenes by tapping the frames. The related Vine clip can be viewed when a frame is double tapped.

Nationality Cluster

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To visualize the multicultural community of New York city, Cas de Rooij and I filtered 125.000 tweets, posted from Manhattan, on nationality of the users. In a interactive map can be seen how different nationalities cluster together over time throughout the city.


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Fathom is created as an experiment to see what happens if the typographic boundaries from a text editor are taken away.
It allows the user to type in time, in orders that differ from left-to-right, and it let's you hear your typing speed.
Documents can be exported with x, y and z coordinates of every letter included.

Order can create its own special kind of disorder, it's called 'chaos'. From the discovery of this the chaos theory was created. The irregular behavior of chaos can be visualized using mathematical systems.

Orb is a typable alphabet that is created through iteration. Every character is made up of 10,000 points drawn by two formulas. Variable inputs for the formulas are taken from the ascii number and keycode of the character.

Stock Climate

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Scientific research has given us insight in the effect of nature. Technological developments enable us to mimic and influence nature. Scientists are giving us increasingly accurate patterns which should give us the most perfect circumstances to live in.
But what if all natural patterns are replaced with artificial ones?

For this project I created an artificial environment for a plant wherein it gets all nutrition it needs, but only if the stock changes are positive. So not only is the plant completely secluded from sunlight and rain but it is also dependent of the most powerful man-made system.

Killer Weddings

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Every year over 100 millions sharks are being fished, mainly for sharkfin soup which is traditionally served at weddings in Hong Kong.
The extinction of an apex predator will have great effect on the ocean's food chain with coral being the final victim.

in this abstract data-documentary can be seen how the life in the ocean dies out and how the coral loses its color because of overfishing on sharks for Hong Kong weddings.
Research results and other data about the subjects are directly translated to audio and video.

Stylesheet Archaeology

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From a central point the user can browse the web in five different periods in time. Each screen shows the chosen website in the style that was technically possible according to the css properties available in that time.

Year Awards

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A 3D infographic that visualises all the design awards that Philips has won in 2010.

Every leg of the model resembles a category where each leg consists of a number of cubes which, in turn, each resemble an awarded product.
The size of the cube is equal to the number of awards that is given to this product.
If this model were to be 3D printed, the names of each product could be embedded in the cubes.

In association with Roel Oortgiesen.